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The RTC «Testing and Diagnostics» provides education and qualification of welding personnel in accordance with training programs the International Institute of Welding for the following categories:


  • International Welding Engineer,
  • International Welding Technologist,
  • International Welding Specialist,
  • International Welding Inspector,
  • International Welder.


There are various professional associations in Europe and in the world. It is these non-governmental professional associations that develop policies and rules of personnel education, training and certification.


Currently there are two international engineering associations uniting the world welding public. This is the International Institute of Welding (IIW), founded in 1948, which comprises more than 50 developed countries in the world, and the European Federation for Welding (EFW), founded in 1971 and including 28 European countries.



Within the frame of the IIW and the EWF, in collaboration with the ISO, a global harmonized system of training, qualification and certification of welding personnel was created. It is based on compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9000, ISO 14000 series, ISO 3834/EN 729 and ISO 14731/EN 719 in the production of welded structures and the certification of welding companies in particular to personnel qualification.


For introduction and provision of the activity in each country, a member of IIW establishes an Authorized National Body (ANB).


In Russia, ANB (currently RTC «Testing and Diagnostics») was established in 2001 by the Russian Welding Society (RWS) and was recognized by the International Institute of Welding as the ANB for qualification of welding personnel with the right to issue international diplomas, been recognized in all industrialized countries throughout the world.


For training according to the programs of the International Institute of Welding an application should be sent to the RTC «Testing and Diagnostics». 


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