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A non-state organization of extended professional education "Research and Training Center," Testing and Diagnostics" is an independent body for non-destructive testing labs attestation (NOAL).

Attestation of NDT laboratories is carried out within the frame of Integrated evaluation system of conformance on objects, regulated by the Federal environmental, engineering & nuclear supervision agency in accordance with PB 03-372-00 «Attestation rules and basic requirements to the laboratories of non-destructive testing» (confirmed by the resolution of Russian GosGorTechNadzor dated 02/06/2000 №29, registered by Russian Ministry of Justice dated 25/07/2000, reg. №2324). №2324).

Activities for the laboratories attestation for non-destructive testing are performed on the basis of certificates of accreditation by EWOS Rostechnadzor Russia №10182(127) dated 01.02.2008, №10182(129) dated 16.05.2008., №10182(151) dated 27.03.2009.

Scope of accreditation NOAL

1. Name of the equipment (s): 

1.1. Boilers and pressure equipment.
1.2. Gas supply facilities (gas distribution).
1.3. Lifting equipment.
1.6. The equipment of oil and gas industry.
1.7. Metallurgy industry facilities.
1.8. Equipment of explosive and chemically dangerous production facilities.
1.11. Buildings and constructions (building sites).


2. Types (methods), non-destructive testing and diagnostics: 

2.1. Ultrasonic testing.
2.2. Acoustic-emission testing.
2.3. Radiographic testing. 
2.4. Magnetic particle testing. 
2.5. Eddy current testing. 
2.6. Penetrant testing. 
2.7. Visual testing. 
2.8. Vibrodiagnostic testing. 
2.9. Electric testing.
2.10. Infrared thermographic testing.

Application for certification and a letter to the Director should be sent to NOUDO «Research and Training Center« Testing and Diagnostics »on the company letterhead, signed and sealed by the head of an organization by one of the following types of communication:

- at the postal address of the Center; 
- by facsimile; 
- by e-mail. 


For more information, please contact our specialists.