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An independent inspection was created in the organization in 2006.


The main purpose of the inspection is to conduct complex operations in the field of examination of industrial safety, construction control (technical supervision), as well as the implementation of quality control at all stages of manufacturing and metal products.


The organization has the technical supervision of the largest metallurgical plants in Russia. During the operation of the division, the technical supervision inspectors have received more than 3,000,000 tons of wrought products (including pipe billets, for the manufacture of seamless pipes).


The organization has experienced qualified personnel in the field of technical supervision and nondestructive testing. All professionals are certified in accordance with the requirements of Russian regulatory documents, and certified in accordance with international standards EN 473 and ISO 9712.

The annual analysis of the level of defectiveness (data received from customers), shows the decline in rejection of 2.4 times, indicating the effectiveness of the inspection of technical supervision by:

  1. Reducing costs due to the transition from quality assurance through product certification and issuance of known quality product, to prevent failures, rather than their detection and removal.
  2. Reducing losses, lowering costs and improving the profitability of production. 
  3. A relationship of trust created between the supplier of products and customer for the supply of quality products, quality improvement and product recognition 
  4. Provision of manageability and transparency of the management system, decision-making based on facts.

We have developed modern techniques and procedures for technical supervision over the production of pipes, pipe products and wrought products (plates, bars, etc.)

We are ready to act as a technical supervision inspection and guarantee to follow the interests of the customer at all stages of works, as well as compliance with relevant regulatory requirements of the work and technical documentation.


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