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The examination is carried out in accordance with the «rules of the examination of industrial safety» PB 03-246-98 [PBI 03490 (246) -02], approved by the resolution of Gosgortekhnadzor Russia of 06.11.98, № 64, dated 01.08.02, № 48, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia of 08.12.98, reg. №1656, 23.08.02 г., reg. № 3720.

         The work on the examination of industrial safety is conducted on the basis of license the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Russia number 00-DE-001114 (DKMNPSH) of 04.05.2008. 


1. The list of dangerous industrial objects, on which the examination of industrial safety: 

1.1. Hazardous oil and gas production facilities. 
1.2. Hazardous production facilities of chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries, as well as other explosive and chemically dangerous production facilities.
1.3. Hazardous gas production facilities.
1.4. Hazardous production facilities of heat and electricity, and other hazardous industrial facilities that use the equipment under the pressure of 0.07 MPa or water heating at a temperature of 115 ° C.
1.5. Hazardous production facilities of metallurgical industry.
1.6. Hazardous industrial facilities, using permanently installed load-lifting machinery, escalators, cable cars and funiculars.


2. Objects of expertise: 

2.1. Project documentation. 

2.2. Technical devices at hazardous production facilities. 

2.3. Buildings and facilities at hazardous production facilities. 

2.4. Declaration of industrial safety, and other documents relating to the operation of dangerous industrial objects. 


Applicationfor certification and a letter to the Director should be sent to NOUDO «Research and Training Center« Testing and Diagnostics »on the company letterhead, signed and sealed by the head of an organization by one of the following types of communication:

- at the postal address of the Center;

- by facsimile;

- by e-mail. 


For more information, please contact our specialists.