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The independent technical inspection unit of the "RTC “Testing and Diagnostics” provides construction control services during construction, overhaul, reconstruction of industrial facilities, including oil and gas facilities and civilian facilities (ASG).

The permanent staff of inspectors of the "RTC “Testing and Diagnostics” consists of highly qualified specialists with experience in building control and certified in ultrasonic (UT), radiation (RT), visual measurement (VT) and other non-destructive testing methods in accordance with ISO 9712, PB 03-440-02 and PB 03-273-99.

Activities for the provision of construction control services are carried out on the basis of a certificate of admission to a certain type of work that affect the safety of capital construction facilities No. 001446-2012-7721028301-С-041 dated 10.10.2012.

In September 2012, the independent technical inspection “RTC “Testing and Diagnostics” was audited by the UKAS accreditation body (UK) for compliance with ISO 17020.

More detailed information can be obtained from our specialists.

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